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Sweet Metal Finishing
Your One Stop Metal Finishing Shop!
Polishing & Epoxy
Metal Prep
Custom Tracking
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Quality Plating

Please email us with questions.

Rack Plating
Semi Precious Metals
Acid Copper (Bright)
Cyanide Copper (Dull)
Nickel (Dull, Bright)
Imitation Rhodium
Woods(conductive) Nickel
Brass (Imitation Gold - in 16K, 18K, 24K shades)
Precious Metals
Gold (14K, 16K, 18K, 24K, English, Green and Rose shades)
Heavy Gold*
Silver Strike, Heavy Silver*
Barrel Plating

Semi Precious Metals
Copper (Dull, Bright)
Nickel (Dull, Bright)
Imitation Rhodium
Woods Nickel
Brass (Imitation Gold -  in 16K, 18K, 24K shades)
Precious Metals
16K, 18K, 24K, English
Heavy Silver*
Antique Finishes(Ox Finishes)
Natural Ox Finishes
Brass Ox 
Gold Ox
Bronze Ox
Copper Ox
Nickel Ox
Aluminum Ox
Silver Ox
Plated Ox Finishes
Brass Ox
Imitation Gold Ox
Gold Ox
Bronze Ox
Copper Ox
Nickel Ox
Silver Ox
Imitation Silver Ox
*All Natural and Plated Antique finishes available in Mass and Hand relief.

*Royal and Dull Royal Ox finishes also available (in all colors).
SMF's Conveyor Belt Oven
Our Expertise

SMF specializes in design finishes. High end, difficult, finesse pieces/finishes are what we do best.
Such pieces/finishes include:
  • 3D emblems or medals
  • Medallions without a loop, pin or charm that require special racking
  • Nickel Free finishes
  • Ox finishes with Polished highlights
  • 2-tone and 3-tone

If you have a difficult piece or finish that you can't seem to get perfect, let us give it a shot. Our years of experience have lead us to master such finishes, and cut down on all rejects!
Product Development

Here at SMF, our craft is our passion. We love what we do, and we love being able to achieve your desired finish. Whether it be a finish to keep up with popular demand or a finish to give you a leg up on the competition, we'll put all our experience into it to give you what you need to keep your business growing.

Here are some ways SMF continues to work for your product's development:
  • SMF is constantly in the market for plating colors that are new or not yet known to the plating industry.
  • SMF develops new finishes and processes behind the scenes. This allows us to have many options when you come inquiring about a finish.
  • Every time SMF runs experiments, they keep processes. This allows a consistent finish that we will be able to match every time. This also allows easier changes in processes, to make them even more unique.

E-coat, Lacquer and Anti-Tarnishing
E-Coat available* with new state-of-the-art conveyor belt oven for easy and efficient baking.

Bulk, screen and rack lacquering available in many different textures and custom tints. We work with you to help you get a unique coating.

1 of 2 anti-tarnish waxes are applied to all plating colors that tarnish easy; such as: Copper, Silver and Brass.

Our sales staff will help advice you with the best coating for your particular finish. We work with you to fit your desired result and desired cost.

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