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SMF's Custom Computer Tracking
We have designed a computer tracking program with all of your needs in mind!

This computer program allows for:

  • Easy ordering
All custom processes are saved on the program, so every time you place an order, all the
information will be there. You don't need to worry about remembering how it was done last
time. All you have to do is press a button to create the order, type in the quantity, print and sync!

  • Easy tracking
You will be able to see exactly what steps your jobs are at, every step of the way. This allows you to plan ahead to when the job will be done.


  • No Surcharges
This system is programmed to adjust with the metal markets. Once an item is put into our
system, the price will go up and down every time the market does. However, once you place an
order for that item, the price you see on the order is locked in. So, even if the metal market was
to jump up while your job is being worked on, you will pay what the order says. This means, no
surprise surcharges due to market fluctuations!

SMF has a Stock List of 150+ items for you to choose from. So, if you have an item that doesn't need special instructions added to it, just choose from 1 of SMF's stock finishes!

How it works -
When you create an order, a custom tracking number is assigned to the order.

When you "print and sync" from your computer, we are notified immediately of the order.
This allows us to plan ahead and call you with any questions or concerns before we even get your job!

When you print the order, it acts as a packing slip to include with the work.
When we get the packing slip (or order slip, as we call it), we then:
  • print out a barcode and attach it to the order
  • scan each barcode in and out of every department the job goes into
Every scan acts as a time study, so we can internally track how long it takes us to do every job (this will
help keep us consistent every time!)

Immediately when the job is complete, you will see it on the system. We know you are busy, so this will eliminate you having to wait for a phone call or email!

Please contact Danielle, Nicole or Jessica for more information (508) 226 - 4359.

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